Monday, 22 April 2013

Sonia Jarema & Cath Rive - Poem Painting Conversations

There is a mysterious page at the end of the first chapter in the Patternotion book. On Page 60 we find no image or poem just a declaration for the ahead.
This is what it says -
I hate to make resolutions but I didn’t want the year to
start running away without having made any plans so I asked my artist friend, Cath, if we could collaborate and this is what she said,
"Great idea
You give me a poem
I’ll give you a painting
I’ll give you the painting from the poem
You give me the poem from the painting
We can keep going
And see where it takes us?"
So this year we will be  having conversations between
paintings and poems.
So here it is! The first rally between two creates minds. First the poem by Sonia Jarema and then a visual reply by artist Cath Rive.

New Kid on the Tower Block
New Kid on the Tower Block (after Duchamp)
Cath Rive
Balletic you tested each stair
with toe, pad and heel.
Your hand glided the banister
as you stopped to shake sunshine
into the dark staircase.
Your shirt held clouds
you’d clung onto on the rooftop.
I could see the skyline
in your legs poised like cranes.
That evening you brought in
the dank brook on your trousers.
You told me how the water
drank you as you waded her length
to find the unfamiliar way home.
Check out their page (right) where we will be documenting their conversation as it unfolds.

Monday, 15 April 2013

The Verdict - Colin Gray Photographer

Tim Cullingford - The Wrestler
Oscar Wilde said 'great art should be about life, death or whimsy. I found plenty of this here, there is much diversity in this edition (applies to both the Freedbook and Patternotion book) the edit is such that each page is a surprise and you don't know what to expect.

Some pieces looked liked they were done in minutes whilst others looked like they were done in days. I like the size of the book and have been carrying it around in my pocket, easy to pull out on the bus.

 The only thing that disappoints is the lack of production values though for the price you can't complain.

Colin Gray,

Colin Gray. I'm a photographer/artist/film maker. Based in Glasgow, UK
My personal work is based on the people I love. I think it is the hardest work any artist can do. It is often harder to coax you’re your nearest and dearest, than actually making the pictures.
The 31 year old project with my parents: In Sickness and in Health, now touring and 'The Parents', (exhibited in many of the worlds leading galleries and museums).
Work with my children forms many sub projects, some show on this site, many in progress.
I have worked worldwide for a diverse range of advertising agencies, design consultancies and record companies.
I have won many awards including a Euro Art Directors gold, 2 D&AD silvers with nine appearances in the D&AD annual.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Anna McNay's Review for Art-Corpus

 'Patternotion is a charming little book, full of idiosyncratic responses, and soul-baring offerings'  *****
Anna McNay, Art-Corpus blog

Read the rest of Anna McNay's review by following this link - HERE


In other news....
Patternotion can be now be bought on AMAZON - LINK HERE