At this time of year we start to think about the mistakes and the successes of the past 12 months. Our minds visualise the improvements and adventures of the future. To achieve these we must put a new system in place to achieve what we want. Often these are New Year's Resolutions and often they fail.

As artists and authors we are in a unique position.
Our non-conformist lifestyles mean we invent our own rules, with self imposed schedules and idiosycratic methods.
In these restrictive economic times we have ingenious ways of being expressive.
We can visualise, record and document our experiences and present them to others.

I've worked with over 1000 artists/authors in the past 3 years (hopefully you) and I'm lucky to glimpse fascinating work and unusual motivations and practices. Far more interesting than insights into 'Celebrity' lifestyles we are presented with.
For example Peter S Smith draws the Floral displays at his local Chapel as he's listening to the Sermon every Sunday
Mark Lomax photographs his journeys producing Rothko-esque vignettes from the roadside or collections of tarmac abstracts.

Do you have an interesting system in your life, and could you share it with others? Maybe you would like to make a change in 2013 and record this tranformation or journey in the Patternotion Book.

If you would like to get involved then drop me an email and reserve a page of the book.

Then over the next month put your system to good use and record the process/results.
Or re-package an old 'system for living' so you can explain it to readers of the Patternotion book.
Get it to me before the 1st February Deadline.

There is more information and specifications on the Submit page.

Any questions or clarification don't hesitate to get in touch.

Alban Low

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