Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Patternotion : The Film

Hot on the heels of Books For Free NW5's sad demise comes the news that it has been preserved forever by Peter S Smith. As well as being the backbone of the Patternotion book Peter films as we go along on our adventures. I would like to say we've got wise to his 'tactics' and guerrilla style of information gathering but when your guard is lowered some of the most interesting stories are revealed it seems.

Thank you Peter for working so hard to bring this social document to eyes of the world. Of course a thank you too to the players here, Steve and Victoria Cohen, Jacquelyn Guderley and friends, Mike and Gail Watts, Harvey Wells, Bill and Gina Mudge (with Harriet in arms), George and Sally Low, Ella Penn, Natalie Low, Daniel Leek, Melanie Ezra, Effra Aye-Maung-Hider, Jessamy Low, Geraint Evans, Katie Stone, Tanya Kreisky and Dawes Gray.

As you can see it was a long day...a long walk.....


Jacquelyn Guderley - NW5 inspiration

Jacquelyn Guderley
In the last few weeks we have been feeling a little flat here at Patternotion HQ. The sad news regarding the demise of Books For Free NW5 rocked us all. They say all good things come to an end but we all hoped that this wasn't going to be case. In fact, under the leadership of  Jacquelyn Guderley, our beloved Athena of NW5, we believed that the shop was impregnable. and had many years of life left in it. Jacquelyn's vision was that the shop would be a hub for the Arts and this bolstered our flagging esprit de corps on many an occasion.

From all of us here at Patternotion we salute you. Thank you for opportunity you gave us, the chance to launch our book and fuelling the spirit of our adventures.