Wednesday 13 November 2013

Cath Rive & Sonia Jarema - Chapter 4

Cath Rive - After Volume
I'm very happy to announce another instalment of the Rive and Jarema project. It's always a delight to see their continuing duel/duet that perpetuates the spirit of Patternotion. They set off on this collaboration in March 2013 when Sonia Jarema's poem inspired Cath Rive's image.

On this occasion Cath Rive has sidestepped my logical brain and dropped back to Sonia Jarema's poem, Volume, from Chapter 2. Check out the earlier exchanges in their designated page to the right or follow this link.

In response Sonia has written/adapted this poem -

Outside in

Bare branches show the trees

are reaching up and out. 

My lungs overlay them with bronchioles

terminal branching into alveoli 

out of reach a thought itches irritatingly.

There is some truth here I am missing.


Friday 23 August 2013

Chapter 3 - Cath Rive & Sonia Jarema

Artist and Poet are back once again with their fascinating dialogue between image and word.
Cath Rive gives us her image 'After Duschamp' and in response Sonia Jarema lays before us her poem 'Inside'.
If you haven't dipped into this project before then visit their dedicated page on the right.
The Patternotion book encouraged us all to document or embark upon systems for living and working. Rive and Jarema's system lives beyond the book itself.
Here is Chapter 3.

Cath Rive - After Duschamp

by Sonia Jarema
I thought I had eaten into the dark with words
but they have rearranged themselves around it.
Sunk in my soul is a resting place
past which I  spiral up and down.
If I stopped moving,
let the dark compress me,
who knows what I could become.

Tuesday 2 July 2013

Patternotion : The Film

Hot on the heels of Books For Free NW5's sad demise comes the news that it has been preserved forever by Peter S Smith. As well as being the backbone of the Patternotion book Peter films as we go along on our adventures. I would like to say we've got wise to his 'tactics' and guerrilla style of information gathering but when your guard is lowered some of the most interesting stories are revealed it seems.

Thank you Peter for working so hard to bring this social document to eyes of the world. Of course a thank you too to the players here, Steve and Victoria Cohen, Jacquelyn Guderley and friends, Mike and Gail Watts, Harvey Wells, Bill and Gina Mudge (with Harriet in arms), George and Sally Low, Ella Penn, Natalie Low, Daniel Leek, Melanie Ezra, Effra Aye-Maung-Hider, Jessamy Low, Geraint Evans, Katie Stone, Tanya Kreisky and Dawes Gray.

As you can see it was a long day...a long walk.....


Jacquelyn Guderley - NW5 inspiration

Jacquelyn Guderley
In the last few weeks we have been feeling a little flat here at Patternotion HQ. The sad news regarding the demise of Books For Free NW5 rocked us all. They say all good things come to an end but we all hoped that this wasn't going to be case. In fact, under the leadership of  Jacquelyn Guderley, our beloved Athena of NW5, we believed that the shop was impregnable. and had many years of life left in it. Jacquelyn's vision was that the shop would be a hub for the Arts and this bolstered our flagging esprit de corps on many an occasion.

From all of us here at Patternotion we salute you. Thank you for opportunity you gave us, the chance to launch our book and fuelling the spirit of our adventures.


Wednesday 5 June 2013

Chapter 2 - Sonia Jarema & Cath Rive

The second instalment from Cath Rive and Sonia Jarema has just arrived at Pattenotion HQ.
Earlier in this blog you will have read about their collaboration between image and word.
Cath being the visual artist and Sonia the poet.
So here's the second part of their conversation below.
This time the image first and then the poem........
by Cath Rive
by Sonia Jarema

Heels lift up
walking caught as a dance;
her dress as loud as her daughter’s coat.

The volume’s turned down, 
on the older couple, yards behind.
They’ve hidden their hands from each other.

The woman’s head is tilted back
as though filling her lungs deep 
for her yearning song.
If you would like to view the whole conversation in its entirety then visit our designated page (right).

Tuesday 7 May 2013

Mike Watts & Sue LeCren - Books For Free

Sue LeCren and Mike Watts
with Patternotion
Two for the price of one!

Both the books and the lovers of art, culture and  'Duke Special' that are holding them here.

A big welcome to the fold for New Zealand's 'Sue the Librarian' and hope you enjoy Patternotion. Don't let your food get cold either, looks delicious.
Keep in touch with Sue on Twitter at @LiSu and as she says herself, 

"I'm an escape artist for a living... I live to escape... well OK, I'm a librarian. Same thing"

Catch her if you can!

 If any of you don't know the distinguished gentleman pictured here then let me introduce you to Mike Watts, who is both a Stem Cell aficionado at UCH and photographer on London's live music circuit. As well as bumping into one another in live music venues he recently accompanied us on all 10 miles of our Patternotion Blue Plaque walk across North London.

It seems he has got itchy feet once again and has travelled a little further than those 10 miles of Patternotion. Have a good time in New Zealand and keep spreading the Books For Free message!

Mike Watts is @DrFizzy if you want to keep abreast of his adventures in your Twitter walking boots.


Monday 22 April 2013

Sonia Jarema & Cath Rive - Poem Painting Conversations

There is a mysterious page at the end of the first chapter in the Patternotion book. On Page 60 we find no image or poem just a declaration for the ahead.
This is what it says -
I hate to make resolutions but I didn’t want the year to
start running away without having made any plans so I asked my artist friend, Cath, if we could collaborate and this is what she said,
"Great idea
You give me a poem
I’ll give you a painting
I’ll give you the painting from the poem
You give me the poem from the painting
We can keep going
And see where it takes us?"
So this year we will be  having conversations between
paintings and poems.
So here it is! The first rally between two creates minds. First the poem by Sonia Jarema and then a visual reply by artist Cath Rive.

New Kid on the Tower Block
New Kid on the Tower Block (after Duchamp)
Cath Rive
Balletic you tested each stair
with toe, pad and heel.
Your hand glided the banister
as you stopped to shake sunshine
into the dark staircase.
Your shirt held clouds
you’d clung onto on the rooftop.
I could see the skyline
in your legs poised like cranes.
That evening you brought in
the dank brook on your trousers.
You told me how the water
drank you as you waded her length
to find the unfamiliar way home.
Check out their page (right) where we will be documenting their conversation as it unfolds.