Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Cath Rive & Sonia Jarema - Chapter 4

Cath Rive - After Volume
I'm very happy to announce another instalment of the Rive and Jarema project. It's always a delight to see their continuing duel/duet that perpetuates the spirit of Patternotion. They set off on this collaboration in March 2013 when Sonia Jarema's poem inspired Cath Rive's image.

On this occasion Cath Rive has sidestepped my logical brain and dropped back to Sonia Jarema's poem, Volume, from Chapter 2. Check out the earlier exchanges in their designated page to the right or follow this link.

In response Sonia has written/adapted this poem -

Outside in

Bare branches show the trees

are reaching up and out. 

My lungs overlay them with bronchioles

terminal branching into alveoli 

out of reach a thought itches irritatingly.

There is some truth here I am missing.


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