Friday, 23 August 2013

Chapter 3 - Cath Rive & Sonia Jarema

Artist and Poet are back once again with their fascinating dialogue between image and word.
Cath Rive gives us her image 'After Duschamp' and in response Sonia Jarema lays before us her poem 'Inside'.
If you haven't dipped into this project before then visit their dedicated page on the right.
The Patternotion book encouraged us all to document or embark upon systems for living and working. Rive and Jarema's system lives beyond the book itself.
Here is Chapter 3.

Cath Rive - After Duschamp

by Sonia Jarema
I thought I had eaten into the dark with words
but they have rearranged themselves around it.
Sunk in my soul is a resting place
past which I  spiral up and down.
If I stopped moving,
let the dark compress me,
who knows what I could become.

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