Thursday, 7 March 2013

Dawes Gray - Enjoy life for less!

Dawes Gray - Patternotion
Dawes Gray
I think that drawing items from the Argos (or whichever) Catalogue is a great idea. I mostly copy stuff from TV listings magazines these days. My sketchbooks are crammed full of badly rendered Phil Mitchells. Anything that gets me drawing is a good system.
Calculating how long I’d have to toil to buy all those desirable lawnmowers, beds, chess computers etc doesn’t appeal at all though. I’m sure that was Dawes Gray’s intention. This is her witty sneer at our consumer society I suppose. I like how we’re told to “appear happy” when following this set of instructions whilst relinquishing any hope of ever owning the fine shiny objects depicted.
 Excellent drawing of a posh teapot in a smart middle class kitchen. Nice dotty wallpaper, a hint of lush well tended gardens through the window. Who wouldn’t want a lifestyle like this?
 I personally have never bought a teapot. There’s always been a scruffy one around already that functions perfectly well. If I won the lottery I still wouldn’t spend much on teapots to tell you the truth. And I speak as someone who thinks a teabag dropped in a cup of boiling water is a crime against teamaking. I’m especially offended if that teabag is then crushed by some buffoon with a spoon rather than being allowed to infuse at its own pace. I’m sure that Dawe’s famous ancestor would agree with me on this.

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Our route will take us past 17 authors and poets that have lived or worked in the area. Including Sir John Betjeman, JB Priestley, DH Lawrence, John Keats, Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas and George Orwell. We'll be finishing back where we started from in Tufnell Park, where we'll be signing and leaving 5 First Editions of Patternotion for eager collectors to snap up for FREE.


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