Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sarah Beinart - Yarnbombing-by-the-sea

Plenty of clues as to what kind of person we are dealing with here. Extremely pleased with myself for having remembered that “habit is a great deadener” is a quote from Waiting For Godot. Just to the right of the artist herself sits a pencil drawing of Samuel Beckett. Nobody in Beckett would have much use for the word “Renaissance” of course. His writing tends to be about people trapped in situations from which they are unable or even unwilling to escape.
 I had to google the other Beckett quote “Dance first think later…”. I was expecting it to be a BeeGees lyric to tell you the truth. Puzzled by the big fellow, slight resemblance to Peter Ustinov, in the drawing to the left of S.B.  I’m sure he’s another important creative influence. Do you think the word “Alma” (written inside the guitar) is relevant here? Or is it that just the name of the manufacturer?
 S.B. describes herself as a yarn-bombing experimentalist living by the sea. Well I hope she wasn’t the one who yarn bombed the Merry Maidens stone circle. Certain people I know of were very upset about that. Spells were cast, incantations were uttered in ancient cornish. This is just a friendly warning, don’t mess with the stones!
Page 12 of Patternotion contains a joyful self portrait and a bold statement of creative renewal. Hallelujah!

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